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"Beyond the Station" out now!!


"Annabelle's Curse are one of several folk-rock bands that have gone out on a limb to give the classic American genre an engaging revitalization, their songs inundated by rollicking banjos and guitar, tight percussion, and singalong choruses not far off the beaten path from an early Mumford & Sons. Where the comparisons end are arguably at lyrical depth and composition variety, wherein the Tennessean-Virginian outlet has them beat"

-Pop Matters

"This five-piece alternative folk band from Bristol, Tennessee/Virginia doesn't seem to be cursed as much as blessed with talent."

-Huffington Post
"Fantastic harmonies between Tim Kilbourne and Carly Booher"
-Magnet Magazine 
"Though the sound of Annabelle's Curse springs up from the deep southern roots of their Virginia home, this band is clearly poised to take their music far beyond."
-Elmore Magazine